Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How Hernia Surgery is Performed?

A Hernia is a bulge portion of intestine which passes through the muscles of intestine. A hernia occurs when the muscle wall becomes weekend and this allows the internal organs to push through the weekend area of the abdomen to form a balloon like sac. Hernia also occurs in many places like abdomen, diaphragm, and brain. In the United States approximately 60,000 hernia operations are performed. 

If you want to notice the hernia you can easily recognized as a bulge part under the skin or you may feel pain when you lift any heavy objects This operation is perform by open surgery or it can be done by using a small telescope called laparoscope. The laparoscopic hernia. The surgeon makes the incision in the abdomen to repair the hernia.  In the open repair hernia the surgeon makes a incision and the week muscle is removed. This procedure can be done neither with nor without mesh

A hernia surgery is usually done to strengthen the abdominal wall, the intestine is pushed back and the synthetic mesh is used to strengthen the week muscle. Hernia repair may perform by inguinal hernia, umbilical hernia, femoral hernia. Inguinal hernia commonly occurs in men than in case of women. These may be of direct and indirect. But both of these types may appear as a bulge in the inguinal area. Umbilical hernia commonly noted at the time of birth when the opening of the abdominal wall closes, it occurs later n the life because the spot remains inside the abdomen wall. Femoral hernia occurs in the mid thigh area. This type of hernia is not able to push back to its place.

Once the surgery has completed patient, may expect some sought of soreness after the post surgery. Whereas In the laparoscopic hernia surgery you will get back to your normal activities within a short duration of time. If the patient experienced bleeding, abdominal pain or swelling, inability to urinate, nausea or vomiting kind of symptoms then the patient can deal with the surgeon

Some people delay the surgery for years and months together, over a time the hernia becomes larger and the muscle around it weekends and the tissue around it bulges. To overcome this problem the surgical operation is done to remove the repair tissue. After the surgery you may need to take good   nutrition diet, to take medications and to go back to your exercise regime.

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