Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Things You Should Do After Your Hernia Treatment

Remember that “Friends” episode where Joey got trouble with hernia? Upon seeing the protruded organ from Joey’s side, Chandler got very concerned and told Joey that he should go and see the doctor.  Well, you know the rest of the story. Though Joey made us all laugh with his charming character and got his condition treated, it was clear that having hernia is not funny at all.

Hernia is caused when a torn muscle that makes up the wall of the midsection, usually the abdomen or groin area, allows intestinal parts underneath to poke, hence, giving a weird protrusion on the skin.  Because hernia can either be painful or not, every now and then, the bugling may stop. There are people who don’t even bother seeking medical help. Whether the bulging ceases and you feel no pain or not, it is wise to go and see your doctor.

Hernia surgery is a usual procedure and many of them are being done by surgeons specializing in navel hernia in Los Angeles. This procedure is done by creating a small incision within the area where the hernia appeared. Plastic mesh is then inserted into the affected area to strengthen the weakened muscle section.   

The success rate of hernia surgery is very high but to ensure more positive results, you have to follow the right steps for post hernia surgery in Los Angeles.  Follow these sensible steps carefully and you will truly have a worriless, speedy, and efficient road to full recovery. 

For the first one and a half to two months after your surgery, refrain from lifting heavy stuff or stretching movements which entails you to place your hands over your head. This can strain the incision and artificial mesh, which can lead to the reopening of the wound, hindering the proper healing process.  However, you also need to move lightly on a regular basis as this helps strengthen the muscles within the treated area. Staying in bed with very little movement for several days or weeks after your treatment is not advisable. Just avoid heavy lifting for the time being till your wound is fully healed.

Always monitor your wounds; should there be a persistent leaking for some days after your surgery, inform your doctor right away as you might have an infection. Otherwise, if you noticed that the leak stops a few days after the surgery, then that should not raise too much of a worry. Furthermore, if you notice there is a new protrusion, contact your doctor at once.    

Meats, dairy products, nuts and legumes are good sources of high protein. These foods are necessary for the fast repair and healing of your abdominal or groin muscles.  So eat these high-protein foods and you’ll surely be living hernia-free days shortly.

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  1. Yes , rightly said -"meats, dairy products, nuts and legumes"are protein rich foods. Seeing the diet after hernia treatment the patient would be a happy man for sure. Eat a lot of protein and make your recovery fast!